What matter is we all have a core of a little tree inside us

We grow through experience, into a solid tree

A seed is the beginning of a new life, you plant it, nourish it and it starts to grow. From a seed to a little branch, in the years of your life your little branch start to grow and you start to grow into a tree. The older you get, whatever comes on your path of life, all the experience, every life lesson: you as a tree become more solid. That's the way it work in life, they told me.

But what happens if you are a solid tree and your roots are not firm enough rooted to the ground? If things were unstable in your youth, maybe you had a really bad experience in life, which damaged your roots.

It's like a really heavy storm on an autumn day, your branches crack, your leafs tumble down, the heavier the storm, the more you get damaged.

And being damaged is something bad for a tree, the tree can get ill and in the end chopped down because nobody noticed the tree was ill, and it died. You maybe get depressed or get a burn-out or other mental issues.

What's the point of this Story?

Life is one big lesson to be learned. Life isn't easy, you have so little influence over life events. But like a storm, how heavy the storm is, how much damaged it made. I'll promise you the storm will pass. So never give up! This story so far is a bit how it worked out in my life, these words are my own experiences. I hope this page can give you the strenght you need. Life is an ungoing story and you are the writer. Stay, life can be so beautiful. #NEVERLITYOURTREE